About Lisa

I received my chiropractic degree in 1988 from Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon and have been practicing since. I am licensed in the state of Washington.

My training includes studying CranioSacral Therapy with John Upledger, D.O. through the Upledger Institute beginning in 1988, and ongoing studies in Visceral, Vascular, Neural and  Articular Manipulation with Jean-Pierre Barral, D.O. since 1989.

I began teaching for the Barral Institute in 2000. I currently teach the Visceral Manipulation and Neural Manipulation series. Jean-Pierre Barral, D.O. is the developer of these subtle and sophisticated osteopathic techniques.

Knowledge of human anatomy is essential; ongoing human dissection classes are an indispensable part of my continuing education.

Lisa PolecI am a firm believer that knowledge of anatomy combined with finely tuned palpation skills will yield the best results in manual therapy. This is the driving force behind my ongoing studies. I find the knowledge and skills needed for this work are something I have a deep passion for on many levels. It is greatly fulfilling to serve by helping restore better health, comfort, and sense of peace.